Frank's Flex Essentials - Supplements

Here at Flex Gym, I get A LOT of questions about supplements.  It seems everyone is searching for that "magic" powder or pill that will transform them into an power lifting beast over night.  When you find it, let me know!  Fact is, there is no magic formula.  The number one ingredient in achieving your fitness goals is old-fashioned hard work.  Frequent, strenuous, high-intensity effort on your part is essential.  That's the bottom line.

Supplements are just that, supplements.  With smart supplement choices you can help to maximize your physical efforts, increase muscle gain and promote healing and recovery.  Your regular workout routine can be supported by 4 basic supplements.  That's all you need.

1 - Protein - Your muscles need food and this is it.  Dymatize Elite Gourmet and CytoSport Muscle Milk are a couple of good choices.

2 - Pre-Workout - Promotes energy, focus, endurance, and recovery during your workout.  BSN NOExplode2.0, Gaspari SuperPump MAX, VPN NO Shotgun can help you through your workout.

3 - BCAA - Branch Chain Amino Acids - Usually taken during your workout, BCAAs build and repair muscle promoting recovery, resulting in faster muscle gains.  Try Axis Labs N'Gage or BSN AminoX.

4 - Glutamine - Take glutamine after your workout.  This amino acid is your best weapon for promoting muscle repair and recovery while reducing soreness.  Dymatize and ISS make some good glutamine supplements.

Don't waste your money on pro-hormones.  This is especially true for younger lifters.  Work hard and be smart about your supplements.  I have seen great results with these 4 simple supplements at Flex Gym.