Frank's Flex Essentials - 12s Workout

This workout is a combination of power lifting and body building.  The reps are high (12) for that body building pump, yet the breathing pauses allow you to use heavier weight for strength training.  Here is how it works.

Set 1 - 12 reps - Choose a weight that you do not need any assistance.

Set2 - Add weight to that used in set 1.  Do 6 reps and pause, relaxing the weight and take two full, deep breaths.  Do 6 more reps.  Only rest long enough to take 2 breaths.

Set 3 - Add weight to that used in set 2.   Do 4 reps, pause for 2 breaths, do 4 more reps, pause for 2 breaths, do the last 4 reps.  If you have chosen your weight correctly you should need spotter help on the last 2-4 reps.

As you can see this workout will not work well with exercises where the weight can not be rested and put back into motion easily.  Squats, for example.  Nautilus and Hammer Strength machines work well pausing the weight.  Exercises such as leg extensions and lat pull downs are good.  Try the 12s workout with the rotation below.  Do 3-4 exercises per muscle group.

Day 1 - Legs, Abs
Day 2 - Chest, Triceps
Day 3 - Back, Biceps
Day 4 - Shoulders, Traps
Repeat days 1-4 and rest every 9th day